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Technology (IT) field you go into; however, the most important skill has nothing to do with computers or networks. Tammy from the Industrial Credit Union put it succinctly. Communication skills are a priority. Someone with tech skills are a dime a dozen. What employers are looking for is someone with skills and the ability to communicate. Communication skills are key to a successful career in IT. In most fields of IT, you will interact with customers or clients on some level. Whether it involves pitching a product, making a presentation, or helping them diagnose and fix a problem. Though a career in IT can be very show more content Ive worked at a number of jobs over the years sense I graduated from High School, and from time to time Ive run into co-workers that are more than difficult to get along with. The one thing that has helped the most has been being able to communicate with them in such a way as to learn what it is that they need and learn how they operate. Theres a reason people are difficult and being able to communicate with them can be instrumental in possibly exercising that information from them or at least learning the most effective way to work with them. Unless you own your own business, you must be able to get along with the boss. Your boss may be good at managing others and making business decisions, but they may not know much about computers and networks. Harlan, from Retrotech, said that when dealing with his manager, he has to walk on eggshells with someone who doesnt know what theyre doing. He told us about a co-worker that was hired and promoted above him. This employee cut a lot of corners and majorly screwed up one of their servers before up and quitting. He just couldnt understand why this person was promoted above him and in retrospect they probably regretted that decision. While listening to Harlan talk I knew exactly why the other guy got the promotion and he didnt. At the end of the talk, he stated that probably why the other guy got the promotion was because he would sit down and deal with the boss. Harlan probably thought it had Show More Related Chapter 1??Communication Skills as Career Filters 8498 Words | 42 Pages ++Chapter 1Communication Skills as Career Filters MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Communication skills a. are not as important as technical skills for career success. b. are not necessary in today's competitive job market. c. are ranked by recruiters at the top of qualities they most desire in job seekers. d. cannot be learned; they are innate. ANS: C Studies confirm that recruiters rank communication skills at the top of qualities they most desire in job seekers. Your ability to communicate will make Show More Communication Skills 17587 Words | 88 Pages Practice-Based Learning Communication SKILLS A resource commissioned by the Making Practice Based Learning Work project, an educational development project funded through FDTL Phase 4 Project Number 174/02 and produced by staff from the University of Ulster. Tara Dixon, Project Manager, University of Ulster Martin OHara, Management Consultant Author Aims and Learning Objectives 2 Introduction 3 Section 1: The Communication Process 4 Section Show More Career Skills 1439 Words | 7 Pages the jobs and positions you are trying to find. In the textbook, it says to be a job finder not a job seeker. The job search process is an organizational process that prepares you for short and long-term career goals. In order for a person to find the right job, a person needs to know what their skills are. They need to know what they can offer the companies they are trying to find employment with know what you want to do within the company so that you may grow into a better position to do something Show More Communication Skills 631 Words | 3 Pages Communications Skills Reflect and describe which key concepts and topics in Federal Income Tax course have made you a stronger candidate to enter the business world. The basic concepts from the course that have improved my understanding of federal income taxes include: the discussion on the estate tax, the debate about the impact of raising / lowering taxes, issues concerning income tax reform and the challenges facing many independent auditors in the future. The combination of these factors Show More Role of Communication Skills 2029 Words | 10 Pages ROLE OF COMMUNICATION SKILLS IN DAILY LIFE Communication:- Communication is an act or process of giving or exchanging of ideas, Information, messages and knowledge by gesture, talk or writing. Communication is the process of transmitting and receiving verbal and non- verbal messages. Communication is effective when message is conveyed and understood. Communication skills:- Communication skills involve the human ability to convey Show More Communication Skills 2226 Words | 11 Pages Module: Interpersonal Skills Student: Indiyana Saad Tutor: Pauline Pearsons Assessment name: interpersonal communication skills Term: 1 Year: 2008 Assessment: 1 Assessment Type: Essay Word Count: 1929 Date due 21/04/2008 Details of Assessment Discuss the following statement in the light of the theory covered in this module: Communication is not an easy process. It involves verbal and non-verbal attempts to assist the other person to understand what we are trying to communicate. Yet it often fails Show More Skills and Career Pathways in Hair Styling 2429 Words | 10 Pages Skills and Career Pathways in Hair Styling Abstract There is a wealth of opportunities for students interested in cosmetology, and specifically those interested in hair. There are career opportunities for people interested in the science, the health, and the aesthetics of human hair. Of the many career opportunities available, the three of focus for this paper will be a hair stylist in the film and/or fashion industry; a cosmetic scientist that specializes in hair; and the executive producer Show More Essay on A Career in Communication 528 Words | 3 Pages I am a communication strategist, who came from chemical science degree with the passion of developing exceptional product or service and bring them into the business. I always question myself and seek for the true reason behind every marketing movement that attracts my attention. I graduated in applied chemistry science, which gave me a strong fundamental to my analytic skills and excellent overview of industrial business. The specific core courses throughout this program allowed me Show More Critiquing Communication and Interviewing Skills 1746 Words | 9 Pages Critiquing communication and interviewing skills of a health assessment interview with a client Introduction Communication is one of the basic survival skills of human and also a fundamental part of nursing. Effective communication would help to promote a positive nurse-client relationship which is crucial for the delivery of quality nursing care (Sheppard, 1993; McCabe 2003). Health assessment is also vital in collecting information in the nursing process. In order to collect data in a systematic Show More Nonverbal Communication Skills Essays 1153 Words | 5 Pages 4. What nonverbal communication skills and strategies could be used to communicate effectively in this situation? I think the girls are using the strategy of body language, attraction, territory and facial language to demonstrate and show their ideas to people. They dont need to talk to show what they want to show, and the choose the strategy of using nonverbal communication to pass from person to person the message that are trying to give, expand and share from person to person.
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