Medical Transcription abbreviated as MT is a professional process of transcript video or audio voice into a simpler text format. This enables us to understand the exact prescriptions and detailed information about any diseases directed by physicians or doctors. Tech skills provide the best training on how to understand and transcript the recorded voice and write it in normal text format. The generated transcript reports support a lot for any further diagnosis, treatment, or maintaining medical record. Tech skills offer certification courses with job assistance and placement services by conducting convenient batches for the candidates.

Under the Medical transcription program, Techskills is offering the best module to get professional certification to candidates and giving them a high yield opportunity to shine in the very competitive industry of transcriptionist.

Modules under Medical Transcription courses are:

  • Understanding of Medical Terminology
  • Essential knowledge about Anatomy
  • Essential knowledge about Physiology
  • Fast typing speed
  • Reporting the errors and understand every single word of recorded voice
  • Understanding the actual accent and speed of talking in the recorded voice