Techskills CPC certification

Techskills is providing Preparatory Courses for the Certified Professional Coder as per the learning patterns through AAPC which gives the professional freedom to work in any international healthcare center.

For the best services and facilities, the company is teaching the best methods and easy methods of learning professional medical coding and become a Certified Professional Coder. To understanding the rules and regulatory terms through AAPC (American Association of Professional Coders) and AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association), Techskills is teaching realistic methods of becoming a professional CPC and up the career of unlimited growth and opportunities.

Under the Certified Professional Coder training programs, Techskills is giving the best-categorized solutions for the students to make them understand the actual facts and terms about Medical Coding and transforming the descriptions.

To following the curriculum of AAPC and AHIMA Techskills consisting of modules under training sessions for Preparatory Certification Course are – Introduction about ICD-9, CPT, and HCPCS systems with complete described structures and the right information

Understanding of medical anatomy and terminology with knowing how to generate reports and understand the exact code to prepare up final diagnosis solutions.

Understanding the clear terms and conditions of how to do, how to describe and not to do any bugs for generating the final report through medical coding

Techskills is offering the best placement and assistance services too for the same to place the candidates at their dream positions and dream designations. This gives them an easy way to stand alone in a very competitive market with a professional and experienced attitude.

The company prepares the candidates to take the step further ahead in creating the brighter and caliber full career.

Medical Coding courses and placement in Chennai is synonymous with Techskills

For more than a decade and a half, we, at Techskills, have been training and placing 100% of our candidates/ trainees in Medical Coding MNCs.

The ultimate in Medical coding is CPC certification, I.e., Certified Professional Coder. That is the world renowned conclusive step in world health care for physician- based Medical Coding that ensures mastery in Coding!

For the medical coder with sufficient experience the next big step is/ and should be to register for CPC Test or exam.

Missing the opportunity to become a CPC means stagnation or limited growth in the medical coding career and compensation.

With AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) medical coding certification and CPC instantly makes your job profile international and earning potential gets jacked up many, many times more.

Now coming to the course, the CPC exam is a test of medical coding proficiency to assess 17 areas of knowledge in Medical Coding, such as

proper application of procedures (CPT), HCPCS Level II supply codes, ICD - 10 -CM diagnosis codes - which are submitted by medical providers to payers, i e., the insurance companies.

At Techskills, we train you with our experienced faculty, who have been sending batch after batch for more than a decade now, who come out successfully as proud AAPC's CPC certification holders.

A passport for better emoluments, better life.

At our training in Techskills the methodology is meticulous, leaving no effort either on the part of faculty or the trainees. We assure you that the Coding Manuals are provided.

We ensure that you receive a very effective, comprehensive input, covering proper use of medical code sets one will encounter in the exam.

An in-depth reinforcement of knowledge in Anatomy, physiology and medical terminologies are given, where it is warranted.

Our training will give you all the knowledge required and more importantly, the confidence needed to perform in the CPC exam optimally!!

It covers all the systems of the human body, right from the skin, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, musculoskeletal, surgical procedures, maternity.

Not just that.

E&M, the evaluation and management will have questions on the place and level of services, hospital observations, in patient and out patient, consultation, emergencies, critical care, nursing etc. to assess the candidate's coding proficiency in all the related areas.

And Techkskills, with its thorough training backed by genial, experience faculty will nothing to chance and make sure that every single trainee

meets all that demands from one to become a CPC


We are here, all you need is to decide and join to become a AAPC'S CPC

Certification holder, go places and earn substantially with loads of job satisfaction, as a globally recognised Certified Professional Coder(CPC)!!