Medical Coding


Techskills offers a comprehensive Medical coding Specialty job training program that will provide the tools necessary to meet the skill set to become a "Medical coder" in leading health care companies.

The medical coding field are projected to be among the fastest-growing occupations. Medical coding is assigning codes to diagnoses and procedures which help in financial reimbursement from an insurance company.

This field generates medical coders who specialize in coding after a thorough training program and certification process.

Medical coders perform the vital task of converting cumbersome medical reports into efficient, data-friendly codes. While complex and detail-driven, medical coding really comes down to knowing how to navigate the three main code sets: CPT, ICD, and HCPCS. This code sets help coders to document the condition of a patient and describe the medical procedure performed on that patient in response to their condition. We’ll train you to recognize how the code set is organized and how each should be used.